Consorzio per il mediterraneo

The Consortium for the Mediterranean was founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs who after years of experience in the food and wine sector, including the evolution that is affecting the Italian agri-food system, will make promoters and disseminators international culture and the Mediterranean diet, deciding to merge forces and ideas to better meet the ever more 'discerning consumer demands from a qualitative point of view, focusing in particular outside the national borders.

What we offer

  • Internationalization and growth of companies in foreign markets.
  • Adaptation to international standards
  • Marketing: Wholesale, Ho.Re.Ca and specialized retailing
  • Support for events, fairs, and events.
  • Our target

    II Project is open to all small and medium-sized enterprises in the Mediterranean basin operating in the agro-food sector.

    We believe in our priceless heritage of nature, art and culture and we want to protect and disseminate the excellence of Italian food products.

    The producers will be joined in the stages: from the analysis of the markets, the identification of the placement, through targeted marketing strategies.

    In the planning and organization of promotional initiatives during the penetration of new markets.

    Consorzio per il Mediterraneo

    synonymous with quality' and hallmark of typicality and genuineness of the Italian product and the whole of the Mediterranean basin.


    The Consortium for the Mediterranean Foods promotes the development, implementation and the exports of specialty food products made by its members (Italian producers) to the International markets. The Consortium promotes only authentic made in Italy products with the primary aim to identify itself as a high quality brand.