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About Us

The Consortium for the Mediterranean was founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs who, after years of experience in the food and wine sector, understanding the evolution that is affecting the Italian agri-food system, become promoters and disseminators at an international level of the Mediterranean culture and diet, deciding to combine its strengths and ideas to better satisfy the demands of increasingly demanding consumers from a qualitative point of view, focusing in particular outside national borders. The Consortium for the Mediterranean is synonymous with quality and a guarantee mark of the typicality and genuineness of the Italian product.

Why a Consortium?

With the consortium contract, several entrepreneurs set up a common organization for the discipline or for the carrying out of certain phases of the respective companies art. 2602 of the Italian Civil Code

The Consortium therefore represents the best legal form to allow different entrepreneurs and companies to establish a relationship of mutual collaboration to satisfy common needs.

The Consortium was created to achieve objectives that no member company alone would be able to achieve.

Unlike companies, the purpose of the consortium is not aimed at making a profit, but at realizing advantages for the consortium members. This consortium was born with the precise idea of ​​satisfying all those bureaucratic, administrative, logistic, commercial and promotional needs which, if addressed collectively, can bring a direct and immediate advantage to each of the consortium companies.

Objectives of the Consortium for the Mediterranean

What purposes do we pursue and for what purpose do we work.

Large Scale Export

Promoting the export of local agro-food products is the primary objective with which the Consortium for the Mediterranean was born, starting from the consideration that when a product is really good, it already contains the basic premises for success. Often, however, the company that produces it, alone, does not have the strength to make it known on a large scale and it is a real shame.

Synergy between companies

Here, then, is the raison d'être of the Consortium for the Mediterranean: the creation of a synergy between several companies which, thanks to an intense program of activities, have the opportunity to enormously broaden their horizons by participating in trade fairs in the sector. more qualified, coming into direct contact with buyers, importers, restaurateurs and consequently accessing markets that are not easily accessible.

Export of food products

The spirit of "teaming up" is the real strength of the Consortium for the Mediterranean, a philosophy that has led it to be one of the most trusted export consortia in Italy. Thanks to this spirit of collaboration we have achieved important results. Today, after years of experience, we are a point of reference for companies that decide to enter foreign markets, through effective and widespread support for international promotion activities. To this is added an important assistance service to the internationalization processes of member companies, to facilitate and speed up the mechanisms that regulate the complex export system.

The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean Diet, an extraordinary opportunity.

The entry of the "Mediterranean Diet" into the prestigious list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites represents an inestimable goal for the image of our agriculture and its incomparable quality productions.

The positive evaluation of Unesco highlights how now at the international level food and agriculture are synonymous with culture and must be valued on a par with material goods.   

The Consortium for the Mediterranean creates a dedicated line of products with high added value. This is to affirm that an increase in world consumption of basic products of the Mediterranean diet, even if limited, could considerably favor the agri-food system of Southern Italy.

Our Excellencies

Today the Consorzio per Il Mediterraneo offers companies, shops and food distribution centers a very wide range of niche products that rework traditional recipes to keep up with the times, offering new tastes and flavors.

san marzano tomato of the agro sarnese-nocerino dop

The San Marzano tomato is known and appreciated all over the world for its characteristics, which are enhanced by the transformation into "peeled"

Piennolo tomato from Vesuvius DOP

The Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP tomato is one of the more typical and ancient products of Campania agriculture. It is being appreciated on the market either fresh That like preserve in glass called "Pacchetella".

Buffalo mozzarella from Campania dop

The Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is the only one on the market to have obtained the European recognition of the PDO. It is used exclusively fresh whole buffalo milk coming from certified farms

burrata STRACCIATELLA from Puglia

La Apulian Burrata it is a fresh cheese, typical of the gastronomic tradition pugliese with a circular shape obtained with a sheet of spun dough, which contains a soft heart of cream and mozzarella strips.

Our products

A variety of products chosen from the best producers to guarantee the final customer a competitive price but above all a super quality!

Pizza base

Base Pizza, Pucce, Pinse and Focaccia. Excellent raw materials, accuracy in the dough and leavening. Strictly stretched by hand and cooked on stone.


Renowned all over the world, together with pizza, the Italian pasta it is certainly the flagship of our cuisine, irreplaceable on our tables.


The best selection of Italian cheeses DOP and typical: over 300 typical delights from dairies known all over the world or rare delights from small businesses.

Cold Cuts

In Italy there are very many types of cold cuts linked to different cultures and traditions and which are created using different cuts of meat.


THEExtra virgin olive oil it is produced according to high quality standards that make it recognizable in the world for its combination of authentic flavors.


The intense taste of ours pickles takes you back in time, when everything was more authentic: men, seasons, emotions. We couldn't do without that.


"Give me a fruit and I'll make a sorbet”Demonstrating the very wide variety of fruit flavors that are produced. This variety is the result of a long research.


The best selection of Italian wines DOCG, DOC, IGT: labels from vines known all over the world or from small businesses that are really worth knowing.

Fairs, Events, Shows

Some Events, Fairs, Manifestations in which the Consortium for the Mediterranean and its associates participated.

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Why become an Ordinary Member?

The advantages of the member companies, what services we offer, the range of opportunities we can guarantee.

If you are a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) or an artisan enterprise, you can join the Consortium for the Mediterranean with the status of ordinary member:
  • To broaden their commercial horizons through the varied promotional program and initiatives promoted by the Consortium;
  • To benefit from a large network of contacts;
  • To always be at the forefront in promoting the excellence of the territory;
  • To have all the tools of a multinational, while remaining rooted in its own territory;
  • To be able to say: I too am part of a winning team.

Becoming an ordinary member of the Consortium for the Mediterranean means having a point of reference for companies that decide to enter foreign markets, through effective and widespread support for international promotion activities, document preparation for abroad, FDA registrations, logistic support. national and international.


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